SnowmanI have just been processing some photos of the recent snow, hence the photo, and noticed that there are a couple of tweaks that need to be made to my current workflow.

This is an ongoing process and I hope these changes will help streamline the process a bit. So I thought it best to write them down to help clarify what need to be changed and why.

The original order required poor or duplicate images be removed from multiple places, the Collection and Darkroom directories. This seemed a bit unnecessary and has the added disadvantage that I was removing a few too many photos from the Darkroom before backing them up to the Archive.

The Problems


I previously decided to copy images to the Collection directory, then rate them, then remove any poor or duplicate images from the Collection directory, followed by removing the same files from the Darkroom directory.

In effect I was deleting 3 copies of the image. A jpeg from the Collection directory and a subdirectory of the Darkroom directory, and also the original raw or jpeg image from the Darkroom. This leads me onto the second problem area.


I know I am a bit of a hoarder, in real life as well as digital files. I am trying to declutter a lot of physical stuff. So to make me feel comfortable about this I am making digital copies of anything that I have second thoughts over. Then go for the big push and chuck it out.

This got me thinking about photos, which start off digitally. Once they have been processed I don’t really need to look at them again but I still have those second thoughts, what if…

In fact I have even come across an example of me being over zealous with the file deletions. I took some photos a while back using the bracketing option, chose the best looking one and deleted the other ones. The reasoning behind this was that I wasn’t confident enough of getting the exposure right so at least with bracketing there was a good chance one of the images would be acceptable.

Then recently I came across the idea of High Dynamic Range (HDR) images. The theory behind this is to have multiple photos of the same thing with the exposure set for different parts of the image.

Aha! I thought. I took all these bracketed photos, they would be perfect for a bit of experimentation. So I went back to the Archive directory and could find any bracketed images.

I realised that I had classed them as duplicates and removed them before archiving them off. This isn’t an issue of course as I still have all the images in the Originals directory, but I had planned on this directory being temporary. If I had not come across this process for a year or so then I might not have had the images to fall back on, so I need to fix this hole in the process. After all disk space is so cheap nowadays.

Proposed Changes

To get around these problems I have chosen a couple of changes.

First up I only really need one copy of the jpeg image, as long as they get backed up somewhere as well. To achieve this I can either move the processed images rather than copying them. Or if possible process the images directly into the Collection directory. Any other copies of an image  that are required, a 800×600 jpeg for the web, can be processed to a new Exports directory.

The other change is to simply not delete the original raw or jpeg images from the Darkroom directory, even if the processed image ends up getting removed, due to it being poor or a duplicate. This will leave a few more images in the Archive but I think that might be a good thing after all. I am still going to leave in the first cull of all the obviously useless images.

Hopefully you should now be able to see the updated workflow.

Image: Pete O’Shea

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