OwlWhile on holiday last week I was trying to come up with some future posts for this blog. This got me to start thinking about the topics I cover. It is a bit of a vague area to say the least so I sat down and made a concious decision about the areas I should focus on.

This should help me come up with more focused content, which happens to be one of my goals for this year. Hopefully this should benefit my readership as well if the content is more consistent then it should be easier to make a decision whether or not to keep coming back. An added benefit is that this focus could help build a bit of a community…

Anyway first things first, what exactly am I going to focus my writing around? I do not want to go too specific as this is supposed to be somewhere to release my views and feelings about different things that affect me in the hope that I may help or inspire others along the way. On the other hand I cannot continue the way I am without some kind of restriction on what I write about.

What’s Going?

Previously I have been having a hard time trying to please everyone who reads my ramblings. This covers mainly friends and family at present but all from different backgrounds and various interests. I now realise that it is futile trying to write stuff for such a diverse group of people.

I cannot be sure but I imagine one of the few things that keep people reading are the occasional photo gallery posts I chuck in. Don’t worry though I intend to keep these up as I don’t feel that a personal touch can harm things.

The first thing that is going to have to go is the more technical posts. I am a software developer by profession and I have only written a few posts in that area as I was afraid of putting off the less technical readers. If you are of a technical bent do not panic though as I have a plan but you will have to hang around a little while longer to find out more…

Another technical area is photography. I had big plans to write in detail about my photographic hobby and the things I learnt along the way. In fact the first posts were about my photography workflow. The whole reason behind those posts was to sort out my workflow by getting it down into words and then I could tweak it to make it better as I went along. It certainly helped as forcing myself to write the steps down helped clarify what I was trying to achieve.

That was the original focus of this blog, hence the old tag line of Focusing my thoughts by writing them down. It all sounds a bit too centred on me. Looking back it made sense at the time but my aim now is to try and reach out to others rather than just help myself and make it public in case anyone was interested…

The photography posts never really materialised anyway as I wasn’t finding as much time for my hobby as I had hoped. It is still something I enjoy and I still hope to make a small side income from it, somehow, down the line, but I am going to drop the idea of any technical photographic tips or tricks. There are plenty sites out there for that sort of thing anyway.

What Does The Future Hold?

I now feel this blog is meant to be more about enjoying life and finding time to do the things that make you happy. I like that. Not sure if you have noticed yet but I have changed the tagline (the description of what this blog is all about, under my name at the top). Now I am beginning to think that maybe the phrase I have just written may sound better… Let me know what you think!

I’m not sure how this happened really as this probably wasn’t even on my mind when I started this blog. More and more this seems to be what is motivating me and so more and more of the content seems based around that premise.

So what sort of posts can you expect? Well for now I plan to write about ways or ideas to help you make some small changes in your life to make tomorrow slightly better than yesterday, making sure that you enjoy today…

Still confused? Yeah I know that was very vague but it’s the best explanation that came into my head and I think it sounds pretty good. Lets try and get a bit more specific:

  • Lifestyle Design – Not sure is this is actually a made up term but I like the basic idea of designing your lifestyle to allow you to spend time doing what you enjoy…
  • Happiness – Discovering what you are passionate about and what makes you happy and then finding more time to pursue them.
  • Ramblings – I still enjoy writing about life and other random things so there are bound to be some more of my ramblings.
  • Finances – I am going to write about ways you can make a few extra pennies here and there, hopefully without too much extra work. As I am working for myself this may extend to the occasional post to help set up, and maintain, a (very) small business, even if you are still working full time. As I am based in the UK some of this might be location specific but that can’t be a bad thing as almost all of the stuff I read has an American bias.
  • Self Improvement – By this I mean simple things like being more productive and helping you decide where to focus your attention.

Now my big hope is that I am not going to scare too many of my readers away. More importantly I really want to communicate with anyone who is interested enough to stay. Please get in touch even if it’s just to say ‘Hi’. Let me know what you think of my new focus? Are there any topics that come to mind, after reading about my new direction, that you want me to write about?

Leave a comment below or send me an email or even a tweet and I will get back to you as soon as I get the chance…




As usual very well written look forward to the new posts.

    Pete O'Shea

    Thanks gorgeous, lets just hope the new direction allows us both to get a bit more enjoyment out of every single day…

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