Inquisitive BirdSomehow I completely forgot to post something last Friday. I haven’t missed a week since I started nearly 2 years ago so I started to feel that I had really let myself down…

But guess what, nothing happened. The world is still spinning even though I missed my, self imposed, weekly posting schedule…

I didn’t even notice until about Tuesday. I just happened to go to my blog to reference something I wrote a while ago. Then I noticed that the latest post was written 10 days ago. Oops…

So is this a big deal or not?

Who Is Reading?

When I first started writing posts for this blog I always expecting to find an area that I really enjoyed writing about and eventually I would get into a routine writing regularly about that one particular topic.

This never really happened as I seem to jump from one topic to another pretty much every week so there was no consistency. I do not have a problem with that though, the only issue is that it isn’t really possible to increase my reader base if there is no consistent theme…

The vast majority of people reading what I write are people who know me directly. And I very much appreciate the amount of friends and colleagues that spend their time reading my posts. This has the added benefit that it doesn’t matter what I write about, as the reader has a certain interest in what I am doing they are going to at least take a peek at most posts to see if there is anything of interest to them.

With people that don’t know me personally this weak pull is not there so anyone that does come across my site will soon move on…

The big question is ‘Do I care?’

To answer this I need to work out what I am trying to achieve. The problem is that I haven’t really made my mind up yet…

Is It Worth It?

I thought I would take this opportunity to go back over all of the posts I have written and see what’s endured and what hasn’t. If I can get a feel for what I have enjoyed and what my motivations were then maybe I can work out where to go from here…

Well I did that and ended up writing a sort of summary of everything I have written. This ended up being huge so I decided to split that out and use it as a separate post.

In summary though I have tried a lot of different styles and topics since I started out. Some have worked, some haven’t, but overall I still really enjoy the process and feel that I have benefited in various ways from my writing experiences.

I am not talking financially. I haven’t received a penny yet from the likes of Amazon. But that never was my motivation for this site. It is still worth leaving the affiliate links there though in case my site does start to gain some more interest down the line.

Anyway the answer to the question is, yes, I think it is worth it and there are some areas that I intend to keep actively writing about.

So What’s Next?

I still like posting my articles on a Friday so if I do have anything to put out it will likely be on a Friday. If I don’t have anything on my mind then why should I force myself to come up with something?

That’s the main issue here. Sometimes I have posted something that didn’t feel complete or was posted just to keep up the weekly routine. That is something I want to stop.

If I have something to say then great I’ll write a post and aim for the next Friday. If I don’t then it doesn’t matter if I go a few weeks without posting anything. I don’t think there are many readers, if any, that are eagerly waiting my post each week anyway.

I am glad I kept up the routine so long though as I now feel that my blog is fairly established and I look forward to keeping it going. If I had stopped the routine earlier on in the life of the site it would likely have just faded away and died…

From now on though I will only post things when I feel that I have something interesting to say. This may end up being just as regular as before but it may also change to be just one post a month, or less…

It’s even possible that I might have a spurt and create a handful of posts at the same time. If that’s the case then I might release them in quick succession rather than spreading over many weeks.

As well as these larger posts I may well throw in some smaller technological based posts but only if I find the time and inclination to do so. If I do then these will likely be posted immediately rather than waiting for a Friday and may even be a lot more frequent I just don’t know yet.

Anyway as the posts are going to start to become a bit more irregular then I am going to have to look into starting an email list. That way I can notify people when a new post has been released.


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