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iPhone 4I recently got myself a nice new iPhone 4 with Orange. I have been with O2 for a few years now and one thing that really bugged me was the fact that you couldn’t get a proper PDF copy of your bill. Billing was all done online but the only way to view the bill was on their website. There was a download button but all that did was display a new trimmed down webpage with far too little information to be considered an actual bill…

So after many requests for them to change this I decided I had had enough and started looking for a new place to get my next phone from. In the end I decided to move to Orange as their package seemed to be pretty good value for money.

Anyway just before I actually made my move to Orange, O2 decided to implement a proper billing system and I was able to get my latest bill in PDF format. In fact I could download all my historical bills in PDF format as well… Looking back was this even a good reason to switch supplier anyway?