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Baby SwansYour path in life seems to be set down for you before you even start out. There are some simple choices you have to make along the way which affect the career you go into or where you end up living for example but for the majority of us the basic structure is pretty much set in stone:

  1. Go to school and then possibly on to university. You are told to make the most of your time at school as it is the most enjoyable part of your life.
  2. Obtain enough qualifications to start in the career of your choice. Depending on your chosen career path sometimes qualifications aren’t required.
  3. Start at some low level job. You might be able to jump ahead a few steps if you get good enough qualifications.
  4. Move up the career ladder. This will probably involve harder work and possibly longer hours but you will be rewarded with a little bit more money.
  5. Reach the highest level on the ladder you feel capable of. There will be a point where you have to decide whether or not the next step up may be too much, whether it be too stressfull, or simply not worth it for the extra money.
  6. Retire. Once you have been working for however many years you are supposed to retire and only then start enjoying life.

Is this truly the case? Looking back at the comments about school being the best time of your life suggests that there may not be so much enjoyment in the latter half of this list…

Taking PhotosI love photographs. I really enjoy taking photos, and I love looking through old photos that bring back so many memories. Now that probably isn’t very surprising since I mention my passion for photography a lot here on this blog.

Recently while looking at the mass of photos that need editing and the boxes of old photos and slides that I need to digitise I recently had pause for thought. Do I really need them all?

This got me thinking a bit more about what purpose these photos have. After a bit of thought I eventually arrived at the most important question. ‘Why do we keep photographs?’

This is a very interesting question and I have a feeling there may be more than one answer to it. Until I work out exactly what these photographs mean to me then things can get a bit confusing when it comes to editing. Which photos do I keep and which do I throw away? I end up being a bit indecisive and then spend time editing a lot of photos that are average at best. I feel this is a bit of a waste of time and I end up with a lot more photos than necessary and as an added insult the average quality of the photos is lower than it should be…

Sniffing MeerkatAs I mentioned in my monthly review for June I am currently trying to produce a business plan. The problem is that I have too many ideas to be able to act on them all…

I need to try and focus my ideas a bit to try and narrow my sights. So where better to start than by asking the people who already read what I write.

My plan is to explain the thought processes behind what I write and then ask you, my little group of followers, to help my decide which direction to head in next. Don’t worry though it is only my future you now hold in your hands…

OK so maybe that was a bit over dramatic but you get the basic idea.