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BlossomWhat have you achieved in your life so far? Is there anything you would like to achieve that you haven’t yet?

These are two very important questions that you should ask yourself regularly.

Take stock every now and again to see what you have accomplished. Sometimes you might surprise yourself when you look back…

Turn your life into a story to be proud of.

Ski Pad App IconI have talked a lot about developing an app for the iPhone. It took me a bit longer than I had anticipated but today I can officially announce that my Ski Pad App has been accepted to the iTunes App Store and is now available to download. For Free!

If you have an iPhone then go get it and let me know what you think. Feel free to give it a 5-star rating if you feel so inclined as that can only help with getting it noticed 😉

In this post I’ll go into a bit of detail of what the app is all about so you’ll have a better idea of what you are looking at.

Soaking Up The SunMy wife and I recently went on holiday to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you some of the photos from the trip.

We booked our holiday to the Canary Islands from Alpharooms.com which turned out to have the cheapest on offer. We stayed at a place called Los Ficus in Costa Teguise.

We didn’t do too much sightseeing as this holiday was purely meant for rest and recuperation. I did manage to cross something off my Bucket List though which was great fun…

I have started experimenting with uploading my photos to Flickr so you should be able to click through and view larger versions if you want. Please let me know if you have any issues viewing the pictures.

There is even an option to view these photos as a slideshow. Just bear in mind this is new to me so there may well be a few teething problems…

Stroking The TurtleWhile I was backpacking around the world I had the wonderful opportunity of watching a Loggerhead Turtle lay her eggs before crawling back to the water. It was a pretty amazing experience and one that I am very proud to have witnessed.

I saw this turtle at Mon Repos, near Bundaberg, in Australia. I visited there back in December 1999. It was a long night as I didn’t get back to my room till 05:30 the following morning but it was well worth it.

The monumental effort involved for the turtle to drag herself up the beach, dig a nest and lay the clutch of eggs almost seems to much to handle. That is only half the battle though as she still has to cover the nest back up with sand and then crawl all the way back to the ocean before swimming off back to her natural habitat.

As this item is on my bucket list I thought it might be nice to upload some of my photos. I hope one day to return and watch some turtles hatch and make their way to the sea for the first time so that is also on the list.

Grizzly Bear With SalmonI wrote a previous post about creating my bucket list. You can tell by the title that this was very self orientated. It was basically just a list the things that I wanted to achieve.

It is high time that I updated my bucket list but I don’t want to just repeat this process with a new list. Instead I thought I would write a post about how I go about creating the list. Then I can just update my list on an ongoing basis and use this post as a reference.

As this blog is meant to be read by other people I thought it best to try and start aiming the content at you, my little group of followers. Just getting my ideas down into words is of great benefit to me. The important change here is that I am writing this post aimed at someone other than myself.

So here are my tips on creating a bucket list. Feel free to join in the fun and create your own list…

Horse VanThis week I finished the website I was designing for an old friend HenleyHorseTravel.co.uk.

The project was great for me as I used to dabble in web stuff many years ago but haven’t found the time for it recently.

I have learnt a lot from the experience from both a design perspective as well as get some hands on experience with the latest technologies and languages behind web design.

The biggest challenge for me was the actual design. I don’t claim to be a designer so much as a developer. If I plan to get into web design—even if it is only for part of my income—then I am going to have to brush up a bit on the artistic side of things.

Anyway this is another item to cross off the Bucket List.

You Are FreeDon’t worry I am not talking about this blog. I have decided to quit my day job.

I have been working for the same company for almost 10 years. To me that feels like forever.

In fact the routine has become so ingrained in me that it feels like there is nothing else to life except the 9 to 5 at the office and maybe, if I’m lucky, a couple of hours in the evening to keep on top of any personal stuff. That personal stuff has mounted up over time and I feel like I just do not get anything done at home at all.

Now this may seem like a strange solution to some but my response to this was to break out of the routine, by leaving my 9 to 5 behind, and try something different. The only problem is that I have yet to define this something different.

All I know for definite is that I am going to start my own company, which happens to be an item on my bucket list anyway.

Bungy Jump

By Pete O'Shea

Bungy JumpI can fly… Or maybe I can fall really fast and scream like a girl…

Yeah this week’s post is another video from my bucket list.

I was planning on posting something else entirely but time was running out and I desperately wanted to post something on time to keep up with my resolution. So I thought I would follow on from my skydive video with the other video I picked up on my travels.

While travelling around New Zealand I was persuaded into jumping off a bridge. Luckily I was strapped to a big rubber band so I managed to survive the ordeal. I can assure you that the screaming was simply a side effect of all the alcohol I had consumed the night before…

SkydiveThis week I thought I would try something a bit different. I thought it might be nice to add a video…

So I picked something I have already done from my bucket list. Skydiving. Yes that’s me in the picture, I’m the one in the fetching green jumpsuit.

Uploading the video proved to bit a bit more complicated than I was expecting as well as giving me a few things I want to write about here.

Anyway I did this tandem skydive in Cairns while I was travelling around Australia back in 1999, about November I think. Hopefully you should be able to see the video below somewhere.

Empty Bucket at Punta Del EsteAs this is the start of another new year I thought it was time to start making a list of things that I would like to achieve at some stage in my life. I may also include items that have crossed my mind at some stage that may be interesting or challenging, they might improve my life in some way or they may just be silly little things that appeal to me in some strange way.

To help get me started I am going to include some of the things that I have already achieved as well. This will give me the chance to cross a few things off straight away, which is always a nice feeling anyway. The other advantage to this is that the list is no longer virgin territory and so attempting the first item will not seem so daunting.

I was going to aim for 100 items but I expect this list to become a moving target with items added and crossed off as and when the opportunity arises so I am just going to start creating a list and see what happens…