General Work

I have set up a basic rate for any work that I do. Some work may be considered more valuable than others but not to me. The reasoning behind this is that time is very restricted so any time spent working should be earning money at my required rate.

For the majority of work I will provide a quote up front based on these basic rates. If the work is given the go ahead then I will set up a proposed schedule. If the work is going to span multiple months then I am likely to set up monthly milestones and invoice when each milestone is reached.

This should be beneficial to both parties as you will be able to see the progress of the project and spread the cost and I will have a regular income rather than a lump sum after a few months of work.

Basic Rates

Here is a table of my rates. Most things can be dealt with over the phone or video call. If you do need me to make a special visit then I have also included a rate for that just for completeness.

Period Price
Daily Rate Day £200
Hourly Rate Hour £25
Travel Costs Mile* 75p

* Travel costs apply to round trip distance but will be waived if the destination is considered local


I try to be transparent as possible with everything from my pricing structure through to my availability. That is why I do not offer 24/7 support on any of my products. As I am an independent developer I just do not have the time to be answering the phone and checking emails constantly.

I do, however, read all emails that are sent to me and will respond, if I feel a reply is warranted, as and when I get the chance. I will also try and fix any bugs that are reported when I am free to do so.

If you require urgent attention for anything, even bugfixes, then unfortunately this may be chargeable at my standard rate. This is due to the fact that it will pull me away from other chargeable work.

Thanks for your interest,