Trevi Fountain SmallBack in July I did a post about Married Life. I mentioned that I had just got back from a trip to Rome for a few days with my lovely wife, to celebrate our Anniversary, and that I would post some photos of the trip.

Well it is now December and I have at last started editing the photos. I am by no means finished but I have selected a handful of the best ones and thought it about time I put them up for you all to see.

I am getting a bit behind with the editing of my photos. It has got to the stage where I am trying not to get my camera out until I have caught up with the photos already waiting to be edited…

I think I need to have another look at my workflow and look at ways of speeding it up a bit. At least that way I can catch up on the backlog quickly.

Anyway hope you enjoy the pics!


The first item on the list was the Colosseum. Having never been before that is the first thing that sprang to mind when I thought about Rome. One thing I wasn’t ready for was the heat!
External ColosseumThis was a view from the outside of the Colosseum.
Colosseum QueueAs you would expect this was a hugely popular attraction and there was a huge queue. We found a guide outside that allowed us to jump the queue for very little more than the gate price rather than wait in the queue for literally hours. This also included a tour of Palatine Hill as well which was very interesting.
Colosseum CrossThis is the first view you get of the inside of the arena.
ColosseumThis shows the extent of the whole stadium. Very impressive!
SculpturesThese sculptures would once have been set inside the stadium somewhere.
MosaicA recovered mosaic from inside the stadium.
GladiatorsThere were a few displays giving you the idea of what the gladiators would have worn when on the massive stage.


Everywhere you look there are huge impressive buildings. It is very difficult to tell how old they are as some go back nearly two thousand years…
Wedding CakeThis building is known locally as the “Wedding Cake” due to whiteness of the stone.
VaticanAnother place you have to visit on a trip to Rome is the Vatican. As our trip was quite short we didn’t have time to go inside as the queues were very long and there was just so much else to see…
PalazzoAnother impressive building that we happened to walk past.
PantheonUnfortunately the Pantheon was having a bit of work done when we were there so we didn’t bother to go inside.
ArchYou can see the Colosseum behind this arch.
Castel Sant AngeloView of the Castel Sant Angelo. This was on my list of places to see after reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.
Bridge Of AngelsThis is a view over the Bridge of Angels back to the castle.
AngelAnd lastly a close up of one of the angels on the side of the bridge.


There are fountains scattered all over the place. If you go for a wander and get yourself lost in the back streets of Rome then it won’t be long before you come across an amazing fountain…
Trevi FountainThis is the most famous of them all, Trevi Fountain.
Fountain of the Four RiversThis is the Fountain of the Four Rivers. Another place of interest from Angels and Demons.
Fountain NavarroIn the same square as the Fountain of the Four Rivers (above) there was another fountain.
Spanish StepsAnother famous site, Spanish Steps. Very busy, as with a lot of Rome, but still an impressive sight.
Spanish Steps WideAnother view of the famous Spanish Steps.

Well I hope you enjoyed the photos. You can always check at other photo posts using the gallery tag if you are interested.

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Please let me know what you think about the photos, or the new mailing list for that matter, in the comments below…

Images: Pete O’Shea



You always manage to capture the moments perfectly.

    Pete O'Shea

    Hi gorgeous, glad you like the photos. I will get around to editing the rest soon…

Gary Crompton

Great photos Pete. I must admit, Rome is one place I would like to visit. Venice is also a place I’d like to take my wife. You may like Madrid if you like the old buildings. August is a good time to go, if you can stand the heat! Everyone seems to leave during this month to go to their beach houses so it’s pretty quiet!

    Pete O'Shea

    Hi Gary,

    Rome was really good. There is a surprising amount of graffiti around but the old buildings and beautiful fountains more than make up for it. We went in July and the heat was pretty impressive!

    We went to Venice a while back and really enjoyed it. From what I remember it can be a bit pricey while you are there though, a bit like Paris. I will have to try and find some photos from that trip as well and put them up sometime in the neat future.

    See you soon. Cheers,

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