My wife was fortunate enough to win 2 tickets to this years Chelsea Flower Show. Neither of us has ever been before so we were not really sure what to expect. The weather was perfect on the day we went which made the whole thing a pretty amazing experience.

As we got the tickets at the last minute we decided to get the coach up to London. This cost under £40 for both of us with Berrys London Superfast service. We did look at getting the train but at short notice the tickets were closer to £200 which I find utterly ridiculous. How can they charge so much for a day return?

Anyway let’s get back to the flower show. As we were on foot we decided to pack light so I didn’t take my camera. Instead Shirley took our little IXUS which we shared, taking it in turns to snap away at the spectacular displays. To be honest the majority of these photos were taken by her…

Show Gardens

There are many different classes of gardens on display. Here are some of my highlights:


There are a lot of sculptures scattered throughout the gardens as well as stands that were selling their wares. Some of them were quite eyecatching:

Pavilion Displays

One huge pavilion takes up a huge area of the grounds and within there were many impressive displays. I think the intricate display with the elephants made out of flowers was pretty staggering. I have never seen anything like it:


The whole show is about plants and flowers after all so here is a few of my favourite shots from the day:

I have gone back to hosting all of these images on this site rather than linking to them on Flickr as I have had some comments that people can’t see the Flickr images from within a company firewall. These images are all still available on my Flickr account and there is also an option to play them as a slideshow.

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Wow it looks like we took some nice pics. It was a great day.

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