I’ve been a bit busy recently so didn’t get around to getting a post ready for this week. I thought I might just write a little update about what I’m up to at the moment.

Then the day before I usually publish my weekly blog post I got an email telling me about a new collection of e-books that are going to be released as a bundle at a huge reduction on Monday…

Maybe that is what I am supposed to write about this week then?

The last collection was a bunch of Business Guides and I snapped it up. The bundle was made up mainly e-books but also included access to some useful online courses as well as some audio and video content.

There was lots of information there and a I read loads of useful stuff. There was so much to digest that I still have a few guides tucked away ready to read when I get the chance.

This time it’s all going to be about Personal Development

The sale is only on for 72 hours again and is due to start at 6pm on Monday evening over here in the UK. So come back on Tuesday and I’ll tell you a bit more about it with links…


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Good as always look forward to next week.x

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