Sell Your CrapI have at last started clearing out some of my clutter thanks to the e-book Sell Your Crap by Adam Baker. The content has a bit of an American bias but was very helpful in getting me off to a flying start…

This has been on my list of jobs to do for ages and I keep putting it off. There have been many little reasons holding me back over the years.

  • Not knowing how much something was actually worth.
  • Not enough experience using sites like eBay to make the amount I thought I should get for an item.
  • Where is the best place to sell different items.

The book helps get you into the right mentality to get rid of as much stuff as possible. I have only just started on this task but I have piles of stuff ready to sell already and I made over £120 in the first week with only a few hours work. And as I get more used to the sites the time taken to list something will only get shorter…

How Much Is My Stuff Worth

The main book tries to help you decide what to get rid of. Decluttering is a popular idea at the moment as we just seem to buy stuff for the sake of it, especially if it’s on sale

When you look around how of the stuff you can see right now has any real use or value? I’m sure there is something nearby which you wouldn’t miss any sleep over if it went. Some stuff has a bit of a sentimental attachment which is a bit harder to break but the book looks into why we create the sentimental ties to objects and also discusses how to break the ties.

So once you have sorted out all of the stuff to get rid of how do you work out how much it’s worth?

In the past I always had an idea of a price in my head for things that I wanted to sell. I am pretty sure those targets were unrealistic and that’s why I never had the conviction to go away with selling them…

Once I got to this stage then the basic though going through my head is how to get rid of the stuff, not how much it’s worth. Any money is a bonus when you compare it to the freedom of not having to care for so much stuff.

Don’t panic though, the guide does go into how to work out expected values depending on which site you are going to sell the item on. This value is used as a guide only to decide if it is worth the effort of going through the sales process. You don’t want to waste all of your time setting up listings for stuff that is never going to sell…

Where To Get Rid Of Stuff

Once you have decided on things to get rid of there is also some help working out where to sell different types of things. Media items such as blu-ray or DVD and even new books sell well on Amazon for example, rare, unique and collections of stuff sell very well on eBay, where as larger bulky stuff is better sold locally.

Baker’s recommendation for selling locally is craigslist but I don’t think this is popular enough over here in the UK (yet?). I like the look of Gumtree but have yet to advertise anything with them.

Another option is Preloved. With this site you have to log in to get locally targeted items which I think is an unnecessary step that may put off prospective browsers. It certainly put me off…

Once you have exhausted all of the online options then there is the Car Boot option (Garage Sales in America). Then as a last resort gift the items to a friend / family member, donate them to charity or throw them away, recycling as much as possible.

Along with the main book there are a few extra modules that go into great detail on how to sell stuff on Amazon, eBay and craigslist. The eBay module is huge and goes into incredible detail so even if you are a complete newbie to the wonders of eBay you should be up and running in no time. There is a lot a of useful info even if you have been using eBay for a long time but are fairly new to selling (like me…).

Obviously the craigslist module is not going to be used much but I have had a look at it and it may help when I start putting up classified ads on Gumtree…


Sell Your Crap

I would certainly recommend the Sell Your Crap e-book as it helped get me started selling stuff.

I didn’t realise how easy it was to sell stuff on Amazon for example. I have sold quite a few blu-rays and books and, as the item is sold on a set page where the item description is all filled in for you, all you really have to do is pick a price and post the item when it’s been sold…

As for eBay then the guide gave me the confidence to sell a few things that I have been thinking about getting rid of for ages. I am still refining my eBay listings but may well go into more detail of what I have learnt as a later date if anyone is interested…

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