Software Design & Development is my main line of business. This covers all aspects of software design from inception through to release.

My focus for many years has been native Windows applications. Now I am the proud owner of an iMac I have already started creating apps for Apple’s iOS devices, both iPhone and iPad.

I am also looking into developing for other platforms including Mac, Linux and Android. Another area I am seriously looking into is web applications. This is something I have only recently started with but is likely to take off in a big way very soon…

So far pretty much all of my software development work has been for bespoke, in-house software that I can’t really showcase. I have however created an iPhone App that is available on the App Store. I am currently working on various software projects including more apps for the iPhone and iPad as well as a couple of desktop programs for Windows, one of which is completely my own so hopefully I will be able to add it to the list in the not too distant future…


Apps available from the Apple App Store…

App Store Badge

Ski Pad iPhone App

The Ski Pad App was created to add a tailored, native environment for the skipad.co.uk website on an Apple iPhone.

Check out the promotional video for the app for more details:


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