Boats In A RowFor last years wedding anniversary, Shirley and I went to Polperro, in Cornwall, for the weekend.

It was a picturesque little place and the weather was pretty much ideal so I couldn’t help but take some time out to take a few photos. What better way to showcase some of those photos than here on my blog.

In case you are interested we stayed in a lovely little Bed and Breakfast called Chyavallon. It was a nice easy stroll down into the village and the harbour, and it wasn’t too far back up the hill afterwards. The rooms was comfortable, the owners were really friendly and the breakfast was great.

I am still not really sure what to do with my photos in the long run? If I do plan on trying to create some money from them down the line I need to protect their integrity. That is why I am only including fairly small, web-based images for now. I will have to put some proper thought into this in a future post.

Feel free to leave a comment, it is nice to know there is someone reading…

Photos Of The Sea

Harbour Photos

View From Our Room

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Images: Pete O’Shea



Hi Pete,
Great photos, obviously using a high quality camera and manual settings (rather than me with not very good camera and auto setting! But does for me!)
Hope Shirley is at home now and on the mend. You’ll have to let us know if she’s better.

    Pete O'Shea

    Hey Gary,

    Shirley has been home for a while now but is still likely to be off work for a while yet… She’s doing ok though thanks.

    Glad you like the pics. I’m still just learning the basics really. And I definitely make lots of mistakes… I overexposed pretty much all of the shots I took from that castle when we came over to visit you. Not sure if they are recoverable yet as I have so many photos that I haven’t got around to editing I just left those for now.



Excellent photo’s lovely place to be.

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