Ski Pad App IconI have talked a lot about developing an app for the iPhone. It took me a bit longer than I had anticipated but today I can officially announce that my Ski Pad App has been accepted to the iTunes App Store and is now available to download. For Free!

If you have an iPhone then go get it and let me know what you think. Feel free to give it a 5-star rating if you feel so inclined as that can only help with getting it noticed 😉

In this post I’ll go into a bit of detail of what the app is all about so you’ll have a better idea of what you are looking at.

The App

OK so where did the idea come from?

A close friend of mine, Gary, is the Managing Director of a company called Ski Pad Ltd which runs a website over at

The site allows you to search for somewhere to fit your exact requirements when planning your next skiing trip. The main advantage is that you deal directly with the owner of the accommodation rather than through an intermediary. This should also help keep the costs down without the need for the middle man to make a profit as well.

So basically owners of ski chalets, or the like, can advertise their properties to a huge market, via the Ski Pad website, for a nominal fee. Then all of these properties can be searched, free of charge, by anyone looking for somewhere to stay.

Anyway this site has been up and running for a while now and Gary came up with the idea of creating an iPhone app to give users a simple way to get at the information from the website. After looking around the initial quotes he got were a little on the scary side…

I happened to mention that I had been looking into developing apps and we came to an arrangement which should end up benefiting us both. I ended up with my iMac so I could get started and he ended up with the Ski Pad App at a very good price…

The premise of the app is the same as that of the Ski Pad website. A way to search for ski accommodation in the resort of your choice, based on your exact requirements. The idea is to get the app in front of as many potential users as possible as the more people view the properties the more exposure the site will get and so more owners will advertise their accommodation which will improve the variety available for the end user. A definite win-win situation…

That’s the reason the app is completely free. There isn’t even any advertising as this would only detract from the properties shown. So I do not expect to make any money from selling the app. I simply got paid to develop it and there is likely to be some future, paid, enhancement work down the line.

The best thing is that I am now officially an iOS App Developer and I can start developing some of my own apps for the iPhone and iPad (I recently purchased an iPad 2 for essential testing ;-))…

App Store

Getting an app onto the app store was on my Bucket List. So another item to cross off…
Ski Pad App Detail Screen
App Store Badge

So please go ahead and download the Ski Pad App. Have a play. Then please come back and leave some comments to let me know what you think…


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Excellent it’s now official.xx

    Pete O'Shea

    It’s exciting isn’t it. All I need to do now is create the next Angry Birds and we’ll be set 😉

Gary Crompton

Congratulations Pete! Unfortunately, I don’t have an iPhone or iPad so can’t check it out! Although am slowly persuading Sue that getting an iPad / iPad2 is a good idea!

    Pete O'Shea

    Hi Gary,

    I’ve recently got an iPad 2 and Shirley and I both love it… The Ski Pad app is more designed for the iPhone at the moment but I would definitely recommend getting an iPad. Replaces the need for a computer for a lot of day to day stuff like email, web and the like. I’m writing this reply on my iPad now!

    We will have to sort out a visit in the not too distant future. It’s been a while since we came over there…


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