Exmoor PoniesHere we are again, time for my monthly round up. I am very pleased with my progress this month, and I even got a pleasant surprise this morning, read on to find out more…

I think it is about time that I started to bring in a few pennies. To begin with I am going to start adding a few affiliate links to Amazon.co.uk to some posts. This means that whenever you click on a link that takes you to Amazon from my site I will receive a small amount of money for getting them your business. Don’t worry you will not notice any difference and the prices will be the same even if you had gone to the site directly. The only difference is that I get a little cut of Amazon’s profit. I just thought it best to disclose this fact so as not to offend anyone.

The next aim is to create a product of my own that I can make some money from down the line. That is going to take a bit of time though.

Right so let’s get into a bit more detail for this months goals…


Lose Weight

I weighed myself this morning and guess what I am now 20st 3lbs. That is exactly 6 pounds from last month, which is exactly what I set out to achieve!

I was a bit surprised to be honest as overall I haven’t been as active as I had hoped. I have been doing some fairly physical work occasionally and this seems to have been enough to kickstart my metabolism. Now I just have to keep it going. I still have a long way to go to get to my target of 18st…

Decide on a Product

A few weeks back I wrote about Budgeting. While writing that post I decided on my first product.

I have been having a bit of a game trying to sort out my finances recently and I need to simpler way of seeing what money I have available for certain things. I think I have the budget pretty well tied down, at least for the moment, but I keep losing track of how much I spend against each category. So what better way than to create a tailored program that fits my needs exactly and then hopefully it will be useful to others as well.

Cross Something Off My Bucket List

This is the only failure this month. I had hoped to see a Red Deer in rut on Exmoor but unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet. I have made a couple of trips onto Exmoor and have glimpsed deer in the distance but no stags with their majestic antlers which is what I want to see. I am going to try again this weekend though.

Goals for November

Weight Loss

I am off to a good start but I have to keep it going. This month I aim to get under the 20st barrier. That is about 4 more pounds which sounds very doable to me…

Create Specifications for my Product

As mentioned above I have decided on my first product. Now I must try and follow my own advice and create a functional spec

Red Deer Rut

I am going to try again this month as the rut should still be going on. I just want to see a red deer stag with his does out in the wild somewhere…

Get In Front Again

I have been struggling a bit for enthusiasm when it comes to this blog. This has left me writing some of the posts at the last minute. Check out last weeks post, A Request For Help, for a bit more info.

At least I kept going and I feel like I am coming out the other side. A lot of the other blogs I read have massive followings and are growing all the time. I think I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t getting a lot more readers each week. Looking back I wrote the very first post just over a year ago. I didn’t really start seriously until the beginning of this year though.

After a bit of thought I realised that I didn’t start this site to get a huge following I just wanted to get my thoughts down in a physical format which would force me to get a proper grip on the topic in question. The site has helped me in many ways over the last year. Whether that be to do with photography, development, my writing skills or even my personal feelings…

If I wanted a big following then I would probably have to restrict the focus of this blog to a particular niche, which I did think about for a while, which I could then try and get focussed traffic. I am happy with the format of things and I like to have the freedom to write about whatever I fancy. If that means that it will only be read by friends and family then so be it. I tend to get about 30 page views a week which is much better than nothing.

Anyway my mission this month is to get back ahead of the game and have posts lined up ready to post ahead of time. Hopefully even have a few spares lying around to fill in for when I am away or too busy to write a post.

I just wanted to say thanks for your support. If no-one read any of my posts then I probably would have given up already. Now please leave a comment below just to say Hi if you have nothing else you want to say…

Image: Pete O’Shea


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