RobinWell we have nearly reached the end of November and Christmas is fast approaching. As if to hit the point home there was even a little bit of snow in the air today.

I don’t know what happened this month but I didn’t actually complete any of my goals

This is a bit disappointing but it’s not the end of the world. The most important thing is to keep the momentum going, get up and try again next month.

Having just said I have to bear in mind that Christmas is coming. I don’t plan on setting too many challenges this month as it is always a busy time of year anyway.

Right so let’s see where I went so wrong…


Weight Loss

The aim for this month was to get under the 20st barrier. I have been a bit up and down a bit this month what with my birthday and a trip up to Twickenham to watch England beat Australia at rugby, I haven’t done as much physical work as I have been. Shirley and I did walk to the stadium and back from the hotel in Kingston which was over 4 miles each way so it’s not like I haven’t done anything at all though…

What a great match by the way. You can check out the highlights over on the BBC website.

Anyway I ended up at 20st 2lbs which is only a loss of 1 pound. At least it is still a move in the right direction no matter how small…

Create Specifications for my Product

I have started the functional specifications for my financial application but it is nowhere near finished yet. I am beginning to see why people tend to skip writing the spec before starting work on the project as when you start getting things down on paper there are so many little things that need addressing before you are ready to start work. Without these decisions being made though the project would probably be doomed for failure anyway.

At least with a decent spec there is the probability that I will get to complete the task unlike so many other personal projects I have just jumped into, head first, and then had to shelf when I hit a major flaw with my original idea…

Red Deer Rut

I was just looking at the item on my bucket list and the actual item says I wanted to see the deer rut on Exmoor. This seems a bit vague really.

I did manage to see a few Red Deer in the distance through my binoculars. We also caught a fleeting glimpse of a herd of Red Deer in a field while driving past. The minute we stopped though they soon retreated to the woods. These were both during recent trips to Exmoor that Shirley and I have taken.

This isn’t quite what I had envisioned so Shirley decided to treat me to a trip with Red Stag Safari. The rut was pretty much finished but there was still a good chance to see deer and other wildlife so I was looking forward to it…

Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse and there was thick fog on the morning of the trip so they suggested we didn’t bother to go out that day.

Oh well. I did try fairly hard to get this one under the belt and just the act of trying has led to some lovely days out on Exmoor over the last few months. I will probably try again next year as I really want to see a Red Deer stag in the wild with their majestic antlers. I would really love to take some photos if possible…

Get In Front Again

Another failure!

I think there was one week I even released the post a little late but they were all posted sometime on Friday morning which is basically what I am aiming for.

The plan is supposed to be that I have a few post ideas ready and I pick one at the start of the week. I can then write something about the topic and then review it and make any appropriate changes in plenty of time for Friday morning. This doesn’t seem to be working very well as I end up writing the post frantically on Thursday night or even Friday morning. This has the disadvantage that I don’t really get time to review my work before posting it…

I am in fact writing this post on Thursday afternoon so I am getting slightly better already…

The other idea is to have a couple of posts in the bag ready to be released so that I could be ahead of the game. If I was real busy one week, or decide to take a break, then I can just release one of the already written posts.


Finish Product Specifications

As I mentioned above I have just started writing the specifications for my financial application. It is still a way off so I aim to complete this by the end of the month ready to start work on it in the new year.

Experiment With Working Hours

I have been very stuck in my ways trying to pretty much replicate my old 9–5 routine on the days that I work. And not working on the other days. I am beginning to notice that some days just aren’t as productive as others so I am going to try and be a bit more flexible with my hours.

If I have an hour or two spare then why can’t I put it to good use rather than wait until I have a whole day free…

I intend to try a few different work routines and see which ones work best. Regular breaks seem to be important even if I am right in the middle of something. I hope to take advantage of this and get back into the habit of taking lots of short walks. Anyway I don’t want to go into too much detail here as I plan on doing a follow up post when the results are in…

Weight Loss

My aim is to try not to put on any weight in the coming month.

This sounds a little weak. With Christmas just around the corner I think I need to be a bit realistic. I do love the festive period and there is bound to be plenty of food and drink to be enjoyed…

We are trying not to go overboard this year with all the sweets and stuff but even so I am going to have to work hard to try and keep the weight off!

Image: Pete O’Shea


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