Business GraphIt’s time for the monthly review for May already.

This is a personal account of my progress against the goals I set myself in April. And the new goals I am hoping to achieve in June.

I didn’t set myself too much this month but it still became a bit of a mad rush at the end of the month to try and squeeze in the work required.

The most time intensive was trying to get ahead of myself with these blog posts and I think I have achieved this.

I am a bit disappointed that I didn’t get back into the habit of my morning walk but it just doesn’t seem the same on my own.

Anyway let’s get down to business and look at the tasks in more detail…


Regular Early Morning Walk

This one didn’t go too well. I did manage to get out a couple of times this month but it certainly hasn’t been a regular thing.

On the plus side though I have started to walk to work again. That does mean that I can’t come home for lunch but luckily Shirley is getting about quite well so I don’t have to worry too much.

Finish Re-Reading Getting Things Done

I got through this book quite quickly second time round. It definitely helped my understanding of David Allen’s system and I picked up a few more pointers to help me improve the way I’ve doing things.

Anyway I wrote a quick review of Getting Things Done if you are interested.

Set up a coming soon page for my website

I feel like I have cheated on this one a bit. The original plan I had formulated was to design a page on paper and then code it by hand. This was supposed to help me hone my web design skills.

Instead I decided to install WordPress and load up a theme, in the end I chose one very similar to the one I use here on the blog…

I did however create a coming soon page as the landing page of So I have basically achieved the task I set out to accomplish.

After recently talking to a friend about web design, I am beginning to think that this may be the way to go anyway for any future web design projects. There are loads of themes to choose from and it doesn’t seem that hard to create my own, which would still give me the web design practise I need. I might even learn a bit of PHP and templating systems along the way.

The advantage of WordPress is the flexibility it gives you. It is so simple to add new pages that you can even show the customer how to manage the information themselves if they want. Another plus point is the huge number of plugins that are available.

Publish weekly posts on time

All of my posts this month were on time but only at the end of the month am I at last ahead of myself. I have already got the guts of the next 2 posts written and the basis of another 2.

It has been a bit of a hard slog at the end but once I start writing I just want to get my ideas down before they slip out of my mind. I can tidy them up closer to the time.

Write a post about copyright

I call this one a success. Where is it then? I hear you ask.

Well, I have basically written the post but I did get very interested in the subject and so I think there is some more polishing required before I make it public. In fact I think there may be too much to fit into one post.

I do intend to publish it soon though so I am going to make this one of my goals for the upcoming month.

Goals for June

I am going to make the list even shorter this month but some of these tasks will involve a fair amount of work:

Start Up A Business

As you probably know I handed in my notice for my current job and so I need to start planning ahead a bit.

First job is to find out what is required to start a very small business.

I have decided to just start up on my own for now with the lowest overheads possible so I am going to become a Sole Trader. If things work out then I can look into the other options in a bit more detail but for now the simple option is the best.

I am just not sure what is legally involved to get me going so I plan to look into this and get myself up and running in June.

Hopefully I can then sit down and start creating some sort of business plan before I leave my current job.

Brush up on Wedding Photography

I have been asked to take the photos for my step-daughter Lianne and her husband to be Kev.

It is a privilege to be asked but it is also a bit nerve-wrecking. You only get one chance at this and I am still very much an amateur.

Being a bit of a perfectionist I want to be proud of my work so I could do with getting my camera out of it’s bag a bit and get in some practise.

I was also asked to do the photos for my other step-daughter, Emma, when she got married to her husband, Lee. I was pleased with the end results but I know I made a few mistakes. Nerves also got the better of me that evening but that’s another story…

I had bought a new lens specially for low light but only later did I realise that I didn’t actually use it during the ceremony. I got distracted trying to get a wide angled shot before the couple arrived and forgot to change the lens.

Luckily I did manage to salvage a few shots from the ceremony but I’ve got to learn to pay a bit more attention and get the right lens on early!

Up My Activity Level

This is deliberately vague as I have not decided the best way to achieve this yet. All I know is that I am starting to feel a bit lethargic and I want to boost my activity level somehow.

Here are a few of the options:

  • Start using my multi-gym
  • Get my rowing machine out of the garage
  • Get the running machine back from my brother
  • Potter around the garden
  • Attempt the early morning walks again
  • Start playing something on the Wii every day

Publish copyright post

I have the guts of a post about copyright but the background reading has fuelled my interest and I want to know a bit more about how it will affect my future endeavours.

I aim to put the finishing touches on this and get the post out during June. I just have to try not to get too bogged down with the background reading as I have come across a couple of free books on the subject…

This probably isn’t the most import task on my list but as it is playing on my mind a fair bit I just want to get it out of the way. I want to learn as much as I can as quickly as possible to help me make any decisions about how to license anything I may create down the line.

Image Creative Commons License nDevilTV



Very good as usual

    Pete O'Shea

    Hey Gorgeous,
    You must be feeling better as you are back to being the first one to comment on my post again…
    Glad you are enjoying my posts.
    Thanks for the support,


Hi Pete,
A good read, as per normal. I’m feeling a bit lethargic myself (only playing cricket once a week!) but hopefully they’ll clean the community pool soon so I can get a few lengths in after work! It’s certainly warm enough to go swimming!
Good luck in starting up your own business. If you work from home, I know you can claim a certain amount of your bills against your business, such as water, gas, electric, etc but probably not Sky! My sister’s an accountant if you need any tax advice. I’m sure she’ll be happy to help. She only lives in Adsborough, about 10 minutes from you so let me know if you need her help.
Gary & Sue

    Pete O'Shea

    Hey Gary,

    Good to hear you are still playing cricket. I don’t really get to play any team sports any more because of my knees.

    Thanks for the support. I think tax advice is still a long way off yet but thanks for the offer though I’ll bear it in mind.


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