motion gears -team forceIt’s monthly review time again. This time for June.

This shows my progress against the goals I set myself in May. And gives me a chance to set some new goals to aim for in July.

So how did I do this month? Pretty well I think.

I managed to get the copyright post out the door, well at least the first part of it, and that was starting to take up a little too much of my time.

The only task I was a bit disappointed with was the one to do with my activity levels. I don’t feel like that is too much of a problem anyway as I will have much more opportunity to tackle this in the coming months.


Start Up A Business

Turns out there isn’t much to this one.

After a bit of background reading I have decided that I just want to start up as a sole trader for now. That is the easiest solution and should allow me to get up and running pretty much instantly.

As far as I can tell all I really needed to do is register myself as self-employed with HM Revenue & Customs. This makes it so straight forward I thought I may as well wait until I finish with my current job and I can simply register then.

Brush up on Wedding Photography

I got the chance to get the camera out of it’s bag on my recent trip to Monkey World. That was definitely a big help as it has given me a few pointers to where I seem to be making mistakes.

I have also been reading a few photography blogs for a few tips so hopefully everything will go smoothly.

So another success.

Up My Activity Level

This one didn’t go so well.

I had a cold/flu early on this month and that, combined with my hay fever, has left me not feeling myself for most of the month. I have started walking to work again so at least it hasn’t slipped backwards too much.

Time to try this one again…

Publish Copyright Post

I did successfully manage to post about my thoughts on copyright this month.

The post seemed to have a mind of it’s own and I spent a lot longer than anticipated reading about the subject. I got there in the end though. Hopefully from the size and quality of information in the post you can see that there was a fair bit involved and that’s why I have taken so long to get it out the door.

In fact the post got so big I had to break it into two parts. The next part will be about how what I have learnt will affect me and any licensing choices I plan to make due to that.

I know this may not be the most exciting or important subject there is but how to license my work was something niggling at the back of my mind.

That is the whole point of this blog after all, putting my thoughts down into words, which in turn forces me to work out any issues I may not even have consciously thought about previously. This helps me to get the subject off my mind, freeing up processing power for other more important tasks.

Goals for July

Create a Basic Business Plan

Now I have set myself up as self employed I need some way of making an income. There are a few possible ways to achieve this that I have been mulling over. This month I need to formalise this a bit so I am ready to ‘burst out of the blocks’ when I finish my present job at the end of the month.

I don’t want to ‘put all my eggs in one basket’ so there will need to be a few different potential income streams all ready to be started up when I get the chance.

Up My Activity Level

This month was a bit of a failure at this one so I am going to try again. Maybe if I just picked something and tried to focus on it rather than being so vague like last month.

OK then so lets say that it’s time to give the early morning walk another go. Shirley is recovering well and so hopefully she will be up for it as well…

Licensing My Work

This month I finally got around to posting my thoughts on copyright. This was a bit deep but at least I feel like I have got it all out of my system now. The post covers some interesting points from the information I read and so hopefully I will not need to go delving too deeply again in the future.

This month I plan a follow up post which I hope will give me the chance to decide how I am going to license any future work I produce. This is going to be a bit of a balancing act between freedom and income.

Anyway lets save the insight until the upcoming post.

Research SEO

Some of the work I have been doing recently has been web based and the issue of Search Engine Optimisation has been raised.

This is something that I don’t really know a lot about at the moment so if I get a chance in the near future I want to look into this. I am sure I will do a post about it at some stage once I have worked out the basics.

Take Some Great Photos of Lianne’s Wedding

My step-daughter’s wedding is coming up and I have been asked to take the photos. I want make sure that the photos that I produce are up to scratch.

Image: Creative Commons License ralphbijker



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