Darling Harbour, SydneyI feel as though I am on the brink of something very exciting and nerve-wrecking at the same time. As I release this post I will be off to work for the last time.

Yes the time has come around already for me to leave the safety of a salary and embark on my journey into self-employment. Now I understand that there are a lot of people out there who are already self employed, even some of my best friends, but for someone who has always been an employee, ever since finishing university, this is quite a scary prospect. One I am relishing though.

Luckily I have been offered some ongoing contracting work with my current employer which will help the transition while still giving me the freedom to choose when to work. I feel very privileged to be offered this lifeline as this reduces the need for me to make money instantly from my own creations. I do, however, understand that this work is not guaranteed to last indefinitely so I will have to be productive to make sure the offer stays open.

You may be thinking about why I picked today’s photo, well I took this while living in Sydney. It is a pleasant reminder of what freedom feels like. I was just wandering lazily around the harbour and decided to stop for a while and take a photo. I remember resting my little compact camera on a wooden piling and taking my time as there was no rush to be anywhere else.


In general it hasn’t been the most productive month but as my life is about to undergo a fairly massive change I think that is understandable…

Create a Basic Business Plan

I didn’t find much free time this month. I have been trying to relax during my spare time as much as possible as my leaving date approaches. In fact this month has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. One minute I’m really excited, the next I’m extremely nervous.

The business plan became a bit less important having been offered the contracting work with my current employer. I still consider creating a basic plan a priority in the coming weeks though. I need to have an idea of which possible income streams to pursue.

Up My Activity Level

I have only managed to go for my early morning walk a few times this month. Shirley only managed to get out once unfortunately, so my plan didn’t work. I do, however, feel a bit more energised than at the start of the month as I have been walking to work consistently and even upped my pace a little on the way home to get me breathing a bit heavier.

Once I start working for myself I plan on making activity am important part of every day whether that just being a walk around a park, a trip on my bike or simply a stroll on the treadmill if the weather isn’t so good. I have even been looking into ways of exercising while working… I plan to post more detail on that in the near future.

Licensing My Work

I have been thinking about this topic for a while now. As I have already mentioned I found it a bit hard to concentrate this month so I decided to postpone any decisions until my head is a bit clearer.

I will have to make a decision soon as this will affect where I start when developing my own software. For example if I plan to go completely open source then I could take a current open source project as the basis for my project and just expand upon it.

Anyway I plan on posting about this very soon, using the post to help me make that decision as I write it.

Research SEO

This is a pretty vast subject. I have learned some interesting little titbits but nothing really of note. I think the idea is to just get out there and try a few different things and pay attention to what works.

I plan on looking into this a bit more over the coming months and I hope to post about my findings as, and when, I have something worthwhile to say on the subject.

Take Some Great Photos of Lianne’s Wedding

Now this is one goal that I am happy with. I posted an article titled Lianne and Kev’s Wedding with a few of the photos. In the post I mentioned a couple of areas I could improve upon but I am happy with the end results. There is still a bit more editing to do but they are nearly ready now…

Goals for August

I am not going to set myself too much to do this month as I am not sure how things are going to work out. One minute I want to kick back for a while and then I feel like I want to jump in head first and get as much done as humanly possible. I think I will need to decompress a bit so it is more likely to be closer to the first one, at least for a little while…

Make Some Money

As I am about to go into the world of self employment I need to get some sort of income going. Even though I have the contracting work I need to diversify right from the outset to make sure I can survive on my own two feet. So my task for this month is to create some other source of income in my first month alongside the contracting work.

I plan on selling a load of my clutter on eBay to make a bit of side money but I do not want to count this as an income as it is only a temporary source of income. Once all my clutter is gone I will not have anything else to sell… This goal is to be based around my business. I need to sell some web sites or start work on a piece of software or come up with some better ideas…

Update My Bucket List

I was going to make it a goal to cross something off my bucket list in my first month of freedom. After a quick look there are already two items I can cross off:

  1. I am about to start my own business.
  2. I think I have officially become an early riser as I get about about 6 every day.

So as there aren’t too many little items I have decided to give the list a complete overhaul instead.

Image: Pete O’Shea



Excellent here’s to the future good luck honey xx

    Pete O'Shea

    Thanks gorgeous, I’ll do my best…

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