Chimpanzee WalkingHere are some photos from a recent trip to Monkey World.

This is a refuge for rescued apes from around the world. This includes animals that have suffered abuse or neglect and provides rehabilitation back into some sort of natural living groups.

We took a trip there to celebrate June’s birthday, my Mother-in-Law. June even had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy, the star from the program Monkey Life.

It gave me the perfect opportunity to get my camera out as practice for Lianne’s upcoming wedding at the end of this month. Bit of luck really as I was definitely a bit rusty…

Taking photos through fences or glass can add to the challenge and as some of the shots were inside with low light that gave me a few more things to think about.

How I Fared

A lot of the photos ended up a bit blurred as the shutter speed wasn’t fast enough. Especially in the low light conditions or when the monkeys started moving.

At the time I thought I was checking the settings for each photo but in retrospect once I start trying to frame the picture I stop paying attention to the information on the camera. I was surprised to see that on some of the photos the shutter speed was nothing like as fast as I remember seeing just before taking the shot!

This is something I definitely need to think about a bit as this has let me down a few times now. I must make sure that I pay more attention to the settings as well as the composition.

Luckily I took quite a few photos and so there were enough passable photos to keep me fairly happy with the days shooting. I will have to get some more practice in if I am to be happy with the upcoming wedding though.

There were some good points as well. I was very pleased with some of the shots through glass or a fence and I definitely feel like I am improving my composition.

Anyway here are some of the photos, let me know what you think…

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Images: Pete O’Shea



You made Mom’s day

    Pete O'Shea

    It was you that made your Mom’s day. You organised everything, I just came along and enjoyed the day…


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