Wedding AftermathI have started the editing process for my step-daughter’s wedding so I thought it time to share some of the photos from the day. I am by no means finished but at least I have made a start.

Overall I am quite pleased with the quality of these photos. There are, however, definitely a few points I want to raise in case there is another amateur photography reading who is thinking about photographing a wedding. Or even to help me if I am asked to photograph another wedding.

So, just to explain, this post is a collection of photos from the wedding of Lianne & Kev, along with some points raised after my second attempt at wedding photography.

This is only a very small selection of the photos taken. The images shown are specifically designed for display on this web site and are not big enough to be printed. So if you are a friend or family member of the happy couple you will have to wait a little bit longer until I have finished editing the images. Don’t worry though that shouldn’t be too much longer…

Getting Ready

This is a great way to ease into the day as you have plenty of time at the start of the day to try a few things out and test that all you equipment is working as expected.
Mother of the BrideThe above shot is of my gorgeous wife, Shirley, in her Mother of the Bride outfit.
Glowing BrideLianne having just finished getting ready.
Kev & AlfieAlfie ran up to greet his dad before going into the church.
Groom WaitingKev sitting patiently waiting for the arrival of Lianne.

The Ceremony

This is where things step it up a notch and things happen quite quickly. It would probably be helpful to write a list of the order of events because there were a few mistakes I made in the heat of the moment where I was concentrating on taking some random image that caught my eye and was in the wrong place to take shots of some of the more important parts.

My first miss was the bride and her father arriving at the church in the car! I was busy taking photos inside the church and checking the settings were ready for the ceremony when I saw the bride appear at the back of the church…
Bride's ArrivalLianne walking down the aisle with her father.
I Give You This RingExchanging rings.
Marriage CeremonyA scene from the actual marriage ceremony.
Signing Of The RegisterHere is my next mistake. Unfortunately this is my best shot of the couple signing the register. I decided to switch to the wide angle lens shortly before this shot to fit everyone in. The 50mm lens is much better in low light and would have produced a much cleaner shot but my lenses were at the back of the church and by the time I got back everyone else was there taking their photos…
Husband & WifeI am quite pleased with this shot though with the side angle lens.

Outside The Church

I think I am a bit too quiet to take control when the group shots take place. I did have the help of the best man in rounding up the correct people for the shots but even then I sometimes struggled to get everyone looking at the camera. Especially the bride…

If I was to photograph another wedding then I would definitely take the bride & groom off somewhere on their own after the group shots to get some extra shots of just the two of them. I think it is a bit overwhelming when they first come out of the church and there is so much going on around them the photos, the few I actually managed to get of them on their own, just don’t seem as relaxed as I would have liked.
The Happy CoupleOne of the few shots of just Lianne and Kev together.
The HensThe girls from Lianne’s hen do.
Bride's FamilyLianne’s parents, including me on the end… I had a tripod set up with a delayed shutter release so that I could be in a couple of the photos.
Groom's ParentsThe happy couple with the grooms parents.
Wedding CarLianne getting into the wedding car ready to head off the reception.

Wedding Reception

Now this is where you get a chance to wander around all the guests taking snapshots of as many smiling faces as you can. There is no real time restriction so you can let yourself go wild and take copious amounts of photos and just choose the best when making your selections.

The weather was pretty amazing so I took loads of shots of everyone outside enjoying the sun. And then a lot more into the night until the first dance.

One important thing I did this time was put my camera down and enjoy the day as well. The last wedding I photographed I felt like I had to capture every little action and so the camera was in my hand the whole day which only added to the pressure…
Proud FatherFather of the bride.
MischiefThe children off to create mayhem?
First DanceThe first dance.
Debbie, Shirley & PatShirley, after a quick change for the evening do, along with Debbie & Pat.

Personal Touches

I read somewhere that it is always a good idea to focus on some of the little touches that make the wedding personal. Here is a selection of the photos I took to portray the things that made the day unique.
Wedding DressThe detail on the brides dress.
Flower ArrangementThe flower arrangement on the top table.
Wedding CakeThe wedding cake.
PlacenameOne of the placename cards placed on the tables.

Anyway let me know what you think in the comments below. If you are a budding photographer then please add any tips you might have.

Images: Pete O’Shea



Lovely choice of photo’s well done

    Pete O'Shea

    Glad you like them. I’ll add a link to facebook later so everyone else can have a look.


    P.S. Are you going to set your avatar for this e-mail adress?

Michael Ludgate

Maybe it’s just my dislike of people, but I think your stills are more interesting; They look sharper, though I guess you’ve had to compromise on file size in the web version.

‘Lianne having just finished getting ready.’ This makes me think of the effort required to frame the perfect shot, or the ‘post processing’ of using image manipulation software. If I was taking the shot I’d want to have Shirley fully in frame, and just slightly out of focus. But an equally good photo could be achieved by reframing Shirley out and the objects on the left, to leave a clean balanced image (I take no responsibility if caught doing this though!).

P.S. I’m not outing myself as a sociopath, just referring to people as a subject matter.

    Pete O'Shea

    Hi Michael,

    The images are very size restricted at the moment for display on the website. I am still deciding how to display the larger images. Once I have decided about how to, or if I even need to bother, protect my copyright then I will look into a way to look at the individual images at a higher resolution. I plan on doing a post in the near future about this to help me decide.

    I see what you are saying about the perfect shot. With landscapes I try and position myself so there is no extraneous people or objects in the frame. The problem with people is that they move and it makes it much harder to frame things exactly as you want. The idea of Shirley out of focus in the background is a good one but probably just didn’t notice her wander into the shot.

    I try not to manipulate my images too much unless absolutely necessary. I tend to stick to straightening, cropping and adjusting the exposure, colour and contrast, if required. If I cropped the picture you mentioned to remove Shirley and the stuff on the dresser then I wouldn’t be left with much.


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