IMG_4845I am currently in the process of joining the iOS Developer Program which will then allow me to release apps for iPhone to the Apple App Store.

You can download all of the stuff to start developing apps for free from Apple just by signing up as an Apple Developer. If you want to test them on your iPhone, iPad or iPod then you need to sign up to the developer program which costs $99/year (£59/year). This allows you to test your apps on your own hardware and then release them to the app store when you are happy.

I do not have a completed app yet as I am still working hard on learning the quirks of the language but it is going pretty well. It all seems to make sense so far so I have high hopes for creating something in the not too distant future.

You never know maybe I will reach the heights of apps like Angry Birds! This little game has become so popular they even have a range of Angry Birds Plush Toys.

Anyway I am going to keep this brief today as I am pretty busy at the moment. I was planning on posting something else here today but the post has grown so out of control I am going to have to cut it down into some bite sized chunks and hopefully create a series of posts out of it…

I am not sure if I have mentioned this before or not but I have now set up a Resources page with a list of companies and products that I have found to be of help to me so I thought I would set up some links for you.

For complete transparency I should mention that some of these are affiliate links which means I get a small cut of any purchases you may make after using the links but don’t worry the site and the prices appear exactly as it you had gone there directly. I will keep this list fairly concise and I will only put products and companies that I have used and feel happy to recommend.

Thanks for your continued support by reading my posts…



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