Happy New Year !!A new year brings the opportunity for fresh outlook on things, and hopefully 2010 will bring great things.

My new years resolution is to improve my web presence.

I have been around computers for a long time and I created my own basic web pages a long time ago. Unfortunately they became stagnant and I just simply stopped updating them. That was nearly 10 years ago…

To put this right I am trying to get this blog up and running and I plan to start posting regular weekly posts about whatever is on my mind at the time. As the year starts on a Friday that seems to be the perfect day to target for my weekly post. Let’s just hope that this lasts longer than some of my previous resolutions…

Web sites

My personal web site used to be located at www.slugger.demon.co.uk but I am in the process of moving my broadband to a new supplier and the hosting for that site will disappear with it. The content there was left completely untouched for such a long time anyway. In fact it doesn’t even seem to work properly in modern browsers.

Part of that site included a travel section with images from around the world. I tediously created a image map that allowed you select places I had visited and then showed a slideshow of photos from that place. I even started to update it as I travelled using internet cafes, adding new photos and even new locations to the image map. This was back in 1999 and the time involved to manually create the new web pages, by hand, using notepad, and then upload them, along with scanning, editing and uploading the photos just became too much when I was supposed to be out seeing the world. So I simply stopped.

You could see this as an early attempt at photo blogging.

Blogging, in its current form, is completely new to me and it is probably going to take me a while to settle into a routine. The length and content of posts may fluctuate dramatically but the idea is just to get things off my mind and hopefully clarify some of my ideas along the way.

I am not out to get 1,000,000 subscribers hanging on my every word. This is just meant to be somewhere for me to write about things I enjoy. I even plan on posting about my recent trip to Canada, hopefully with some photos, if I ever getting around to editing them, harking back to my first attempt at contact without the outside world via the web.

That is not supposed to put you off. If you have found your way here and found something of interest to you then that’s brilliant. Feel free to have a look around there may even be something else of interest if you look hard enough.

Anyway as mentioned above I intend to improve my whole presence on the web. This is not just confined to this blog but will also include my main website peteoshea.co.uk. This is still devoid of public content at the time of writing as I have been using it purely for personal stuff up to now, but that should change very soon.

Image: Creative Commons License coquetboy


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