Darling Harbour Fireworks
Darling Harbour Fireworks

Darling Harbour FireworksFirst off I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Hope you had a nice break over the Christmas period and are now feeling energised and ready for 2012.

I have become a bit lax recently. After accidentally missing a week I began to wonder how important the weekly deadline was? Writing posts for this site began to feel like a chore so I thought I would try and remove the rigorous weekly deadline I had set myself and see where it led.

When I decided to try this experiment, over November and December, I had one post already drafted out which I expanded into A Brief History Of This Site.

I was hoping I would manage to release a few posts over the last couple of months even if they were just short messages about something new I had come across. Unfortunately without the deadlines there was always something more important…

Then to make matters worse my PC died on me…

That should not be an excuse though I should still have found time to release a few short posts. I did manage to release a single post about The Importance Of Backing Stuff Up

I seem to have taken the single-tasking idea to the extreme and have been working on a single project pretty much exclusively, except for trying to rebuild my PC, for the last couple of months. This project is finally coming to an end though so this extra work was important but I still should have spent a bit of time on other things…

I strongly recommend the single-tasking approach. It’s not that I cannot multi-task. There seems to be this stereotype that men cannot multi-task but in the past I feel confident that I proved that completely wrong!

Now though, I feel that if you try to multi-task you may be able to tackle more than one task at the same time but if any of the tasks require any sort of concentration then none of the tasks will get completed satisfactorily. This is because you have to spread your attention over the multiple tasks and then none will receive the required level of concentration to be completed properly. Maybe this is just due to the kind of work that I do but this certainly rings true for me…

The solution, so I currently believe, is to tackle each task one at a time. The issue I now have though is that I seem to get stuck on the same project for extended periods of time performing task after task. The idea is that each project should be broken up into handleable chunks and then when a chunk is completed you are free to move onto another task, even another project.

To feel more secure I need to diversify. I need to have multiple sources of income and so I need to be working on multiple projects. These other projects need not take up a lot of my time but I should be allocating some time each week, preferably every day, to their various tasks. This is the bit I seem to have gotten worse at recently and so something I need to tackle in 2012.

So to help get myself organised again it is time for me to review 2011 and create some new goals for 2012. This can be the theme of next weeks post as I intend to reinstate the weekly posting schedule…

So to finish off I hope 2012 proves fruitful for all of us.

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