I thought it may be nice to show what gadgets Shirley & I use on a regular basis. They are grouped together into sections to make the list easier to digest and I will try and put a brief opinion about each item as even though I own something doesn’t mean I love it, or sometimes even use it…

If I have written a review post then I will link to it otherwise I will just link to somewhere you can get your hands on one, like Amazon, if they are still available. (Just to be clear some of these links may be affiliate links)

This page will grow over time and I hope to add some images to help clarify what each item is.


I love photography. It is a passion of mine. Currently my main camera is a Canon EOS 350D but Shirley & I also own a couple of other compact digital cameras for when the DSLR is not suitable.


Canon EOS Lenses


  • Lowepro FastPack 250 Backpack – This is great for getting quick access to a DSLR on the move and also has compartments for other lenses.
  • Lowepro Apex 5 AW – This is another great little camera bag, this time for a compact camera. It has a simple velcro strap to hang it from your belt and also a waterproof cover tucked away in the back. It comes in different colours, ours is black.

Mobile Devices




Image: Pete O’Shea