On TargetApril is about to end so it is time to look back and see how I got on with the goals I set myself.

Overall I think I did fairly well. I am pleased with the outcome and I do think that getting my goals out there has focused me a bit.

To keep this going I am also going to try and set some new goals for May. I think it makes sense to make this a monthly post with progress over the previous month and some forward thinking about the month to come.

The process of writing the blog post can then become my Monthly Review, hence the name of this post.

So how did I get on?


If you want a precise figure I guess I achieved 4 out of 7, of the goals, to my satisfaction.

Anyway here are the goals I set myself and my progress against them so far.

Go somewhere or do something nice with my wife at least once a week

The goals were set about 7 weeks ago (they will be monthly from now on). I think we did something every week whether it be a walk up on the Quantock Hills, a meal with Shirley’s parents or a trip to Plymouth to watch Diversity. We did have the added advantage of our holiday to Cornwall where we were doing something together most days.

Get back into the habit of getting up at 06:00

Nailed this one. Still have a bit of a lie-in at the weekends but I am now back in the habit of getting up as soon as my alarm goes off at 6 during the week.

Start going for the early morning walks again

Not so good on this one. We did start doing a short walk for a while but certainly didn’t make this a habit.

Unfortunately Shirley will not be up for walking for a while as she is has just had an operation, I’ll go into this a bit more in a moment. I think I will to try this one again this month but on my own for a while.

Complete design and development of website

Another success. I completed the basic website in my spare time, which I currently don’t have much of.

There is still a few loose ends to tie up but I have achieved what I set out to do here which I am pleased with.

Write a post about copyright

If you follow this blog, or check the posting history, you can tell that I didn’t get around to this one yet.

I have started a draft post but I haven’t had time to finish the reading behind it. Instead I have been determined to get organised so I ended up re-reading Getting Things Done: How to Achieve Stress-free Productivity by David Allen. I haven’t finished it yet so that will probably go into this months goals, along with this copyright post.

I am still keen on learning a bit more about copyright as I intend to do some software development of my own in the near future and I have some thinking to do about how to license it.

Set up a coming soon page for my website

This hasn’t happened yet but I have made some progress. I haven’t been entirely happy with my web hosting recently and so I ended up researching a new hosting company and, on a recommendation from a friend, I am in the process of moving over to Krystal Hosting.

I did install WordPress on my peteoshea.co.uk domain, but I have left it as is for the time being as I want to design a static site to help improve my design skills. I have started with a few sketches for the coming soon page and so I am going to put this back on the list of goals for May.

Keep up my weekly blog posts

I think I have this down as a habit now. I know I am late to publish occasionally but as this is only a fun side project, even though it has some great benefits to me, I don’t see this a failure.

The original aim was to post every Friday morning. In fact that still is the ‘aim’.

I did, however, make a decision to not push everything else out of the way to make sure I get the post out on time. After all one of my personal goals is to spend more quality time with my family.

Once again this post is late. I started it well before my deadline but things got a little off target when Shirley went in to hospital on Thursday. To begin with the wait was much longer than expected. The operation also lasted longer than expected, due to it being a bit more serious than originally predicted.

As anyone would expect I dropped everything to be by her side in the hospital. You will be glad to know that she is now on the road to recovery. In fact I am writing this now while waiting for Shirley to phone to say that I can go pick her up. I can’t wait as the house has seemed strangely empty the last few days.

Anyway back to the original point—I am satisfied that I have achieved this goal as I have posted something every week. I am going to up the ante a bit this month though and try and get ahead of the game.

Goals for May

I am going to change the format a little bit this time as the list I think the subheadings above work better than the list in the original post. I am also going to try to define the goals with a bit more detail to get a more positive result one way or the other.

Now it’s time to think ahead a bit and list any new goals I want to achieve in the coming month of May. Let’s try and keep the list fairly simple this month as I am going to be busy looking after my wife anyway.

Regular early morning walk

I plan to go for a short walk every weekday morning, before work.

This has become a bit more important this month as I will likely be driving to work while Shirley is recuperating. That will allow me to drive home and sort out lunch for us both.

Finish Re-Reading Getting Things Done

This is probably the first book I have read twice, especially in such a short time. I only read it for the first time less that 6 months ago.

First time around I managed to implement some parts of the process but got a bit bogged down trying to find my trusted system. I was jumping in blindly, trying one on-line application after another. This caused the additional problem of having my information scattered over many different places as I wasn’t going to move everything until I had found the right application for me.

In the end I decided to try the old school approach of pen and paper. Just to make sure I was doing things the right way I thought I would re-read the book.

At least then I can get a feel for the system so at least I know what to look for in an on-line application when I am ready. You never know, if I can’t find something suitable then maybe I will develop one…

Set up a coming soon page for my website

I need to get this up and running pretty quickly as I need somewhere to sell my wares. At least a coming soon page can look professional, which would be a good start, then I can get to the design for the real site in the near future.

Publish weekly posts on time

I want to get my blog posts running a bit more smoothly by making sure that my weekly posts are released on time.

I plan on posting each week on Friday morning, before 09:00. Ideally if the post is ready in advance, which is the new plan, then I will publish it at 08:00.

Write a post about copyright

As I mentioned previously this is a subject that has hit home recently and intrigues me.

Whether or not I will find time for this this month, we shall have to see, but at least leaving it on the list gives me an incentive.

Image: Creative Commons License viZZZual.com



Well done Pete I’m impressed!

…not sure about getting up at 6am though!!!

liking the blog

all the best


    Pete O'Shea

    Hey Darran,

    Good to hear from you. It has been a while. Glad you are liking the blog thing. And yes I was even up at 6am today (bank holiday Monday).



Hi Pete,
Once again, a great blog. Hope Shirley is OK and that it’s not too serious – I know you’ll look after her when she returns home. Give her our love.
Gary & Sue

    Pete O'Shea

    Gary & Sue,

    You’ll be pleased to know that Shirley is back home now and is up and about a bit so signs are all good. I will pass on your thoughts.



well done your getting there 🙂

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