Facebook timeline
Facebook timeline

Facebook timelineRecently Facebook introduced their new timeline feature. This shows items in date order, against a central ‘time’ line running down the middle of the web page. You can now add milestones into the timeline which can be useful to populate a bit of historical info…

The layout has also changed requiring a cover image that goes at the top of the page along with a larger profile image, which is used as the thumbnail against any comments you make, and lastly the apps you make available are also shown just under the cover image, using new sized images.

As the timeline feature is optional some of my Facebook friends have already started using it, but some haven’t. I resisted the urge to change as I didn’t see anything wrong with the current system…

Then Facebook decided to force all Pages—like my peteoshea page, not your personal profile—to use timeline. I thought it might be useful to record some of the important sizes for anyone else about to move to timeline.

Why Do This?

I left it right to the last minute before I even added the cover image and then just chose a image very quickly. At the same time there was an app or two in my personal profile that required the use of timeline so I took the plunge and change both at the same time…

I looked around to try and find out what size to use for each of the images but the information was a bit scattered and not always obvious so I thought it would be good to collate it all into a single place for future reference.

Facebook is pretty good at resizing images to fit the space available but if you really want to take control of things then you can resize your images to the exact dimensions before uploading them to Facebook. This then gives you a perfectly crisp image every time, as resized images can sometimes become slightly blurry.

The Dimensions

So where are the new image dimensions?

  • The main one is the cover art. This uses an image of 851×315 pixels. This is a very thin and wide, panoramic shape image.
  • Next up is the new profile picture. This is now 180×180 pixels. This is a basic square as before just slightly larger. My old image still fit but it was scaled up and looked a little blurry so I decide to update it.
  • Application thumbnails can also be changed. These are 111×74 pixels. This is also a wide image but a more standard 6×4 style than the cover image.
  • You can also add images to milestones, or life events, covering the whole width of the timeline. These images are 843×403 pixels. I don’t think they have to be the full height of 403 pixels though as the milestone is simply made thinner.

Other Features

It may appear that I am not too happy with the timeline. Well I am beginning to get used to it. The thing I wasn’t entirely happy with is the way Facebook forces changes on you. I don’t really have a great deal of time for stuff like Facebook and then being forced into researching image sizes and stuff for a forced change seemed like a bit of a waste of time…

Overall though I do think timeline is a pretty good idea though. The addition of milestones, or life events as they are called against a personal profile, is pretty useful to allow you to add in some information about yourself, your business or whatever you are posting about.

You can now post anything whenever you feel like it and add a date to it so that appears in the timeline in the correct place, rather than having to post things in a certain order as you had to in the past. This allows you to go back and fill in any blank spots if you want…

Another neat feature is the pin to top option. This allows you to pin a single post to the top of the page so it is the first thing visitors see.

And lastly the highlight feature can be useful, especially for images or videos. This simple makes the item fill the full width of the page and so makes the item stand out from the rest…

Image: Pete O’Shea


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