Large Red DamselflyThis is a sort of follow on article from Thoughts On Copyright. The first article goes into how copyright and licensing affects the freedom of use of any material that anyone produces.

This article is about the different types of content I may produce and my thoughts on how I should license my work. If you are thinking of creating any work of your own then the ideas raised in this post may be of benefit to you but make sure that any license you use aligns with your way of thinking before you commit to it.

Once I have defined what I want the license to achieve then I can get into the territory of finding a suitable license for each type of material that I may produce. From my point of view that will include everything from posts on my blog and any of my other websites, websites designed for other people, photos and other graphical images, any books I may write and software applications for both Windows and the Web—possibly even Linux, Mac, iPhone or even something else down the line.

5D (#28134)Recently I have begun to wonder if jacking in the 9–5 is the right thing to do. It’s not as if I have loads of money in the bank and I don’t need to work any more.

Money is not the be all and end all. In fact it is quite likely that money will be extremely tight for a while, until I create something that will start bringing in some regular income—that’s the hope at least.

‘Why am I giving up my job?’

This question came to mind while trying to justify my decision to myself and when I sat down and thought about it there were more reasons than I realised.

This still doesn’t mean that it is the right thing to do but I have made my decision and I plan to stick with it. We will just have to see where it leads me.

Copyright is for losersMy recent experiences with music copyright, and how it seems to make everyones life that little bit harder, made me question what copyright is all about.

I decided to look around at how copyright works and how it is being used. Along the way I came across some interesting points that made me dig a little deeper.

I hope to soon be creating various types on material in the hope of earning a living. Before I get started I wanted to put some thought into how to license my content.

‘As I am not a big corporation how does copyright affect my work?’ That is the question that I asked myself.

dumbbells_adjustedIn the past I have heard people say that the mind is like a muscle. This brings up phrases like:

‘If you don’t use it you will lose it’

For some reason I only thought this applied to the older generation so I never paid it much thought.

Recently I feel as if I have woken from a bit of a lull and am once again giving my brain a workout after giving a bit of time off. It feels great. But, just like physical exercise, it is hard work.

Only now do I get the reference to the mind being like a muscle. The more you exert your brain the better it becomes at handling the exertion.

Information OverloadI remember when you entered a search on the internet, before the likes of Google, and you were lucky to get a handful of links to choose from and most would contain useful information. You could happily surf, clicking through links to other sites and feel like you were doing something useful. The internet is now full of noise with pages full of flashing adverts and even link farms where there is no valuable information at all, just links to other websites, and the owner even gets paid when someone clicks any of the links.

The signal to noise ratio had become unbearable, so I turned away from the wonder that is the internet.  The only way to find out something was to use a search engine, like google, and trawl through the thousands of links returned, hoping to find the specific piece of information you were after.

Then I started to come across other ways of finding useful information. Blogs and RSS feeds.

Once you have found a source you find interesting you can be updated whenever that website releases a new article. I have now gone from one extreme to the other, reading as many articles, blog posts, essays and even e-books as I can about a multitude of different things.

In fact I would say that I have reached Information Overload, hence the title of this post. The question is what can I do about it?