Total Money MakeoverI have recently finished reading The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. I have been reading various financial blogs for a while now and this book is mentioned over and over again so I thought it was about time I picked it up.

The more of this book I read the more I realised how many of these financial based posts I have been reading have some basis from this book. There are also some great quotes and a lot of myth busting about peoples approaches to finances.

There are a fair few references to the bible but it’s not an overriding factor of the book so don’t let that put you off. The book is also American so there are some references that don’t apply over here in the UK but the basic ideas are sound.

I’m not going to go into great detail about the processes laid out in the book but here’s a few quotes and my overall thoughts.

Good Luck EnglandThe Rugby World Cup starts today! And for the first time in years I can confidently say that I can watch whichever matches I want, wife permitting of course.

In previous years I have had to miss a lot of the matches due to work commitments. Now I have the ability to control when I work I can rearrange my day if I want. This allows me to keep working, and hence earning some money, but gives me the freedom to choose when to do it. I haven’t really had any real tangible use for this new found freedom until now…

Obviously I want to watch all of the England matches and the timing of all the groups games are quite nice this time round anyway, all being on weekend mornings and nothing ridiculously early. But to get really into the tournament there are lots of other matches that deserve to be watched, some of which are on during the week when I would normally be working.

Website DesignA redesign for my business facing website, over at, has been on the cards for a while now.

I did try and set up a second blog with the idea of keeping more technical posts separate, at least that way the website would have some useful content.

That didn’t really work out though as I didn’t have time to come up with twice the content. In the end I thought it best to try and keep all of my content in one place anyway so I ported the handful of posts back to this site.

So once again the website on my business cards pointed somewhere that wasn’t very useful or informative…

The challenge then started to create a simple, static website to explain what I can offer.

Whenever I Visit Tigers, I Always Bring Along Some Good Reading MaterialI have recently finished the book The Art Of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau so I thought I would write a review of it!

Overall I thought the book was pretty good, definitely worth a read. I would recommend it to everyone out there especially anyone who has the nagging feeling that there must be more to life than the normal life that seems to be forced upon you.

There is some common ground with The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss as this book also tackles the idea of living the life you want but instead on focusing on how to reduce your time spent working on stuff you may not enjoy the focus is on doing what you really love, working harder than before but on stuff that you really enjoy…

In other words the book helps you create, or at least helps you realise that it is possible to create, your ideal lifestyle based around something you are really passionate about.

Flowering RockAt the start of the year I set myself a list of goals to try and achieve in 2011. As we have now passed the half way mark in the year I am going through my list and looking at the progress of each item.

This is a follow on post from Part 1 so you might want to read that one first. This post covers the remaining categories which are Self Improvement, Finances, Photography and Travel.

Overall I am very pleased with my progress so far. It really does help to have some goals to aim for. I wonder how many of these things I would have achieved it I had just pottered along aimlessly as I was doing before…

Rocky View of DartmoorMy last Monthly Review was back in March. I explained that I was going to try writing less frequent reviews in the hope of tackling some of the larger items on my list of Yearly Goals.

So now we’ve reached the mid way point in the year it’s time to sit down and work out how I’m doing so far. I’m going to go through each point in turn and update my progress on each one. This post got a bit too big to put out all in one go so I have decided to split it into 2 posts.

This first part covers the first three sections, Friends & Family, Business and Health & Fitness. Then on Tuesday I am going to post the rest.

I know this is a bit of a break from the usual Friday but I have decided to try and change my posting day to a Tuesday instead from now on. Fridays are always a little bit busy, making sure everything is wrapped up before the weekend so I thought I would try something new.

I did try and start writing a post this morning but then I got kicked off the system and my work was lost. (I hadn’t finished the post anyway so no great loss there).

The problem was due to me upgrading my hosting. I was expecting it to happen earlier in the week but it had to be done at some stage.

This will allow me to start work on some new web design work I have recently received (more to come on that in the near future). Anyway the changes had a bit of a knock on effect and I had problems reading and then sending emails along with a few other issues. I ended up spending quite a while sorting that out instead of doing the work I was actually supposed to be doing…

Anyway I think it’s all sorted now but it does mean that I didn’t have time to write a proper post this week. Don’t panic though as I have already started next weeks post so I am sure that I will be up and running properly by next week.

See you then…


Only72As I mentioned the other day there is another huge 72 hour sale. This time it’s known as the Rock Your Life sale and there is a collection of 22 different courses and eBooks to help with many different aspects of your life.

Anyway this massive collection would normally cost £1087, if you bought all of the items individually, but for a very limited time you can get the whole bundle for just $97 (about £60). $5 of that also goes to charity which is a nice touch.

For starters the full version of Sell Your Crap by Adam Baker is included which I only just recommended the other week. This in itself normally costs $47, nearly half of the total cost…

Once again there are so many resources there is bound to be a few that should spark some kind of interest. But you are going to have to hurry as the sale closes at 17:00 (UK time) on Thursday 23rd June…

I’ve been a bit busy recently so didn’t get around to getting a post ready for this week. I thought I might just write a little update about what I’m up to at the moment.

Then the day before I usually publish my weekly blog post I got an email telling me about a new collection of e-books that are going to be released as a bundle at a huge reduction on Monday…

Maybe that is what I am supposed to write about this week then?

Sell Your CrapI have at last started clearing out some of my clutter thanks to the e-book Sell Your Crap by Adam Baker. The content has a bit of an American bias but was very helpful in getting me off to a flying start…

This has been on my list of jobs to do for ages and I keep putting it off. There have been many little reasons holding me back over the years.

  • Not knowing how much something was actually worth.
  • Not enough experience using sites like eBay to make the amount I thought I should get for an item.
  • Where is the best place to sell different items.

The book helps get you into the right mentality to get rid of as much stuff as possible. I have only just started on this task but I have piles of stuff ready to sell already and I made over £120 in the first week with only a few hours work. And as I get more used to the sites the time taken to list something will only get shorter…