I did try and start writing a post this morning but then I got kicked off the system and my work was lost. (I hadn’t finished the post anyway so no great loss there).

The problem was due to me upgrading my hosting. I was expecting it to happen earlier in the week but it had to be done at some stage.

This will allow me to start work on some new web design work I have recently received (more to come on that in the near future). Anyway the changes had a bit of a knock on effect and I had problems reading and then sending emails along with a few other issues. I ended up spending quite a while sorting that out instead of doing the work I was actually supposed to be doing…

Anyway I think it’s all sorted now but it does mean that I didn’t have time to write a proper post this week. Don’t panic though as I have already started next weeks post so I am sure that I will be up and running properly by next week.

See you then…



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