Riverbed No Longer DryLast week I put up some photos from our recent trip to Lanzarote. I decided to leave out the fact that it rained for a lot of the holiday!

Don’t get me wrong there were some clear spells but there was also a lot of rain. Today’s post is going to show the other side of our holiday…

I don’t mind the occasional rain shower but some of the rain was quite heavy. Lucky I had my waterproof coat really and it was required a few times…

Supposedly it was some of the heaviest rain they have had in 15 years!

It was still a lot warmer than back in good old Blighty though…

The Rain

When I say it rained I don’t just mean there was the occasional drop of water in the air. It hammered down… A lot…

At one stage it was so heavy the steps down to the pool turned into a little waterfall…

Here is a quick clip of the rain from the balcony of our room:

Alternative Activities

When the rain came down hard we were a bit stuck for things to do. Luckily there was an Aquarium just down the road from where we were staying so we decided to check it out.

The little waterproof camera I took with me wasn’t up to the task of taking photos in the low light environment with so much movement so I decided to try out the video setting…

For a compact waterproof camera I was quite pleased with the end result:

The Aftermath

After the rain subsided we had a bit of a wander around to see what sort of effect it had left. Right next to our hotel was a dry riverbed which supposedly very rarely has any water at all. Soon after the rain there were huge torrents flowing. Here is a photo, with our hotel in the background, after the tides have stopped but you can see from the colour of the ground where the water rose to:

Riverbed No Longer Dry

A huge chunk of the beach was washed away around the rivers mouth and the paths were all covered with silt. A lot of this silt went out to sea and turned the sea brown:

Empty Beach
Brown Sea
Silt Flowing Out To Sea

We still made the most of the holiday though and had a great relaxing time overall…


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I love the video and as usual a lot of thought has gone into the post keep up the good work.x

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