Kindle with BooksI have been wanting to do a review of the Kindle for a while but haven’t really had a chance to get my hands on Shirley’s yet as I am still in the middle of a huge Stephen King book. An idea came to me and as the Kindle actually belongs to Shirley I decided to ask her to write a short review. So this is the first guest post on this site, written by my lovely wife.

Pete bought me my Kindle for my birthday. When I saw what was in the box I was very excited as I had read some good reviews and the recent ads on the telly had really built it up.

Right from when you take it out the box it’s sleek and very light. I also find it very stylish.

Changing the text size has been great for me as I had almost given up reading. As a person who wears glasses and needs good light to be able to read at all the Kindle solved all that.

I prefer mine to be landscape, that way I can hold it in one hand and still turn the pages. When I used to do this with a paperback book I always ended up damaging the spine.

The great bit is when you have finished reading for the day you just switch it off with a simple slider switch then when you want to carry on reading you just flip the switch and you are back to the page you finished on.

When it is off there are some nice pictures that are shown which really show off the detail of the screen.

You can also highlight parts you want to, again all with a press of a button. All this and with the ease of which you can download a book, what more could you ask for. Apart from a stylish cover to keep it safe.

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Yes thanks to my wonderful husband I have the luxury of using my kindle all the time.xx

Michael Ludgate

In addition the highlights can be retrieved from the Kindle, Documents\My Clippings.txt which has entries appended like below (highlighted this, thinking the mathematician and physicist say the others line).

Our Tragic Universe (Scarlett Thomas)
– Highlight on Page 23 | Loc. 289-93 | Added on Saturday, June 04, 2011, 09:42 AM

‘OK. A biologist, a mathematician, a physicist and a philosopher are on a train in Scotland. They see a black sheep from a train window. The biologist says, “All sheep in Scotland are black!” The physicist says, “You can’t generalise like that. But we know at least one sheep in Scotland is black.” The mathematician strokes his beard and says, “All we can really say for sure is that one side of one sheep in Scotland is black.” The philosopher looks out of the window, thinks about it all for a while and says, “I don’t believe in sheep.”


I loved my kindle but I went to download a new book and am unable to connect to internet. I have tried everything and am extremely fed up. I wish i had never wasted my money.

    Pete O'Shea

    Hi Julie,

    I’m sorry to hear you didn’t get on with your Kindle. Did you ever get it connected? Shirley has the WiFi only version and didn’t have a problem downloading books while at home.


wireless reading device review

Hi There Peteoshea,
Neat Post, Kindle Book Reader Look at: Essentially appreciate It or Relish It From the previously mentioned title you can added than probably guess how I come to really feel about my new Kindle Wi-fi Reader. I had more and more fears about the Kindle and recognized I would not know for self-assured if it was wonderful for me until I acquired an particular person and attempted it out for myself.1. Measurement: When I first acquired the Kindle, I was astounded at its dimension. Even while I had investigated it and scan up about it, the level that it was so nominal, nonetheless was so individual useful and painless to go by on, just shocked me. The dimension is seven.5 x five.three inches.Take a look at out cutting out a piece of cardboard that size and you will say to on your own ?no way?, but it is genuine. It is lighter than most paperback publications and is pretty safe to hold in possibly just 1 hand or in each equally fingers. Weighs ten.three ounces!As shortly I saw the dimension, I questioned how it would be to scan on. It appeared just a lot as well very small. I loathe my cellular telephone display. It is so little I can hardly see messages and instructions. This is not the situation with this reader.
William Spearman

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