Water LilliesAnother Friday has arrived and I don’t have anything ready to post. There are a few drafts I have started but there are not ready for posting yet for one reason or another. This is starting to become a bit of a habit and some of my recent posts have felt a bit rushed because of this.

My plan is to jump back into writing the best content I can but I could do with some help. I need something to write about!

I have lots of little ideas in the back of my head but most of them are about my new lifestyle outside of the normal 9–5. As I have only been doing this for nearly three months I don’t feel I am ready to comment yet as I am still finding my feet. There are some other things that I want to write about but I need to do a little research first and I haven’t had time for anything like that yet.


When I was working my 9–5 I found a little time each morning to do something constructive towards my blog. Now that I work to my own schedule I tend to start work a bit earlier which leaves me just enough time to tidy up any loose ends before I get started. This does mean that I usually finish slightly earlier but my evenings are spent doing little jobs like keeping on top of my finances, checking and replying to email and small jobs around the house (I’m going through a bit of a decluttering frenzy at the moment). Then Shirley and I sit at the table for dinner and try to spend some quality time together. I try not to spend too much time on my computer in the evenings…

I must try and heed my own advice as I think I have started to consume more information that necessary again…

This means that I haven’t found as much time as usual for this blog. I am determined to change this around though and get some decent content out there.

The Request

I explained back in the Finding My Niche post the sort of content I am aiming to produce. Then I was asking what sort of direction to take the blog. Now I am asking something a bit more specific:

Is there anything you would like me to write about?

If you can think of anything you would like me to write about? Do you have any questions for me? Is there any particular topic you would like me to write about?

I could really do with your help…

Please leave a comment below and this will give me some inspiration for some future posts…

In return I promise to spend even more time on the content!

Image: Pete O’Shea



i would like you to write obout our little trips with and with out the kids let people know how hard it is sometimes when the kids want one thing and we want another;


    Pete O'Shea

    Ok gorgeous, I’ll see what I can do.

Michael Ludgate

Something a little open-ended, more a muse than a specific request. I’m interested in optimizing the way I approach life, but it has to yield results. Often I find myself in a state of analysis paralysis, where the amount of time in perfecting a system or making some decision far exceeds the original benefit; Or the problem I’d be faced with even if taking the wrong action.

So I wonder if working efficiently allows more time to work efficiently – or maybe free time to relax… efficiently?

Also I’d like to see more on ‘life style design’. I’ve always considered myself as highly introspective, though reading on from your posts/links I see questions I’d not asked.

    Pete O'Shea


    I can relate to the analysis paralysis idea. I can get caught up with silly choices that waste a huge amount of time. I have started to try and tackle this by using an online timer to restrict the amount of time for certain tasks. If you know you only have so long to do something you don’t seem to waste so much time on the smaller decisions. If it is truly a minor decision then getting it wrong shouldn’t really matter in the long run and should be easily fixed at a later date if required. The time limit needs to be quite tight, otherwise it becomes too easy to procrastinate. This is by no means perfect though…

    I think it’s important to restrict the amount of time spent working. In theory if you become more efficient then you could do your work in a shorter amount of time giving your more free time. This applies to personal projects but in a typical job this is no longer a reality as work tends to be based on the time involved rather than the amount of work accomplished. So as far as the 9–5 is concerned being more efficient means you have more time to do some extra work, the only advantage may arise if the extra efficiency means that you can avoid overtime.

    Lifestyle Design is definitely a subject that interests me so I will look into creating some more posts on that subject and your other ideas.


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