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Boats In A RowFor last years wedding anniversary, Shirley and I went to Polperro, in Cornwall, for the weekend.

It was a picturesque little place and the weather was pretty much ideal so I couldn’t help but take some time out to take a few photos. What better way to showcase some of those photos than here on my blog.

In case you are interested we stayed in a lovely little Bed and Breakfast called Chyavallon. It was a nice easy stroll down into the village and the harbour, and it wasn’t too far back up the hill afterwards. The rooms was comfortable, the owners were really friendly and the breakfast was great.

I am still not really sure what to do with my photos in the long run? If I do plan on trying to create some money from them down the line I need to protect their integrity. That is why I am only including fairly small, web-based images for now. I will have to put some proper thought into this in a future post.

Feel free to leave a comment, it is nice to know there is someone reading…

St Ives HarbourThis post is a bit late because I have been on holiday in Cornwall for a week.

Every year Shirley and I try to go away with the family. We rent out a house and take everyone along, including all 4 of the grand-children.

This year we found a house in St Ives for us all to stay in. It was only a short walk from the town centre.

Even though it isn’t that far away I can honestly say I have never been that far into Cornwall. I was stunned at how beautiful it was. And the weather was pretty amazing, especially as it was April.

I think everyone had a wonderful time and Shirley is already looking for somewhere to go next year…

Anyway I thought I would post a quick selection of holiday snaps. Enjoy…

Bungy Jump

By Pete O'Shea

Bungy JumpI can fly… Or maybe I can fall really fast and scream like a girl…

Yeah this week’s post is another video from my bucket list.

I was planning on posting something else entirely but time was running out and I desperately wanted to post something on time to keep up with my resolution. So I thought I would follow on from my skydive video with the other video I picked up on my travels.

While travelling around New Zealand I was persuaded into jumping off a bridge. Luckily I was strapped to a big rubber band so I managed to survive the ordeal. I can assure you that the screaming was simply a side effect of all the alcohol I had consumed the night before…

SkydiveThis week I thought I would try something a bit different. I thought it might be nice to add a video…

So I picked something I have already done from my bucket list. Skydiving. Yes that’s me in the picture, I’m the one in the fetching green jumpsuit.

Uploading the video proved to bit a bit more complicated than I was expecting as well as giving me a few things I want to write about here.

Anyway I did this tandem skydive in Cairns while I was travelling around Australia back in 1999, about November I think. Hopefully you should be able to see the video below somewhere.